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In September, I had the pleasure of interviewing Ximena Peredo, Secretary of Citizens Participation in the city of Leon, Mexico. She stands out as one of the exceptional recipients of the inaugural “Democratic Innovators of the 21st Century” Politician’s Hall of Fame and graciously shared insights into her journey leading up to this prestigious recognition.

In her day-to-day activities, Ximena actively fosters connections between civil society and the government, investing tireless efforts to incorporate citizens’ voices in decision-making processes. After years dedicated to activism and a career as a writer and columnist, she made the deliberate choice to transition into politics. This decision was not without challenges, as she faced criticism from her own activist circle for taking this path. Nevertheless, Ximena firmly believes that sincerity and hard work can drive positive change, regardless of one’s position.

Through Ximena’s pioneering initiatives, the citizens of Leon are now closer to realizing the ideal of a democracy that genuinely serves its people and places them at the core of policy development.

The Apolitical Foundation is associated with the The Democracy & Culture Foundation to award “Democratic Innovators of the 21st Century” Politician’s Hall of Fame, a prestigious prize that celebrates remarkable women and men who have dedicated their lives to advancing democracy in the world.