Women are citizens
Women are Citizens March – Aug 13, 2013

December 17, 2010, is when democracy in Tunisia and in North Africa began. Far from a celebration, I see this day as a commemoration for people who lost their lives to free us Tunisians here and abroad.

Ten years later, the struggle for jobs, freedom, and dignity for all is ongoing. Many Tunisians have the feeling that the revolution failed them.

But I don’t.

I just realize how hard it is to deconstruct decades of authoritarianism and dictatorship. How vested interests can still prevail over the rule of law. How suppressed feelings of being left out can transform into resentment and prepare for violence.

Every day, I find hope in the new generations of youth who were children when our liberation started. Those who don’t know fear or censorship. Those who dream big and ignore the obstacles. Those who believe, as I do, that a just, modern, and progressive Tunisia is possible.

My hope comes from all of us dreamers and doers who are not letting go and keep fighting every day, making our contributions until our dream Tunisia comes true.

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